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Campaign to save YVB 152H from destruction !

YVB 152H was the 1st Carmichael Commando built from the second Range Rover Classic produced by Land Rover. It served the majority of it's service life at Marshall's of Cambridge until sold to a private individual some years ago. It has since been for sale and was recently placed in a auction but failed to sell due to a high reserve price. It has come to our attention that the owner now has spoken to various people that he will return the Commando to it's original state as the second Range Rover Classic built . It is rumored that it will be sold as the second Range Rover Classic built . 


If this is so then my concern is the validity of it being sold as the 2nd Range Rover Classic built. It would have destroyed the 1st Commando built to make a copy of the 2nd Classic built. How much of the original YVB 152H Classic would be in a copy of the original ? As many of the original parts had been dumped when the Commando was constructed how can you advertise/sell a copy of the original as an original? Surely that would amount to a claim of  fraud to sell something as original that is not and cannot be verified. The only original parts would be those at the front end unless any have been replaced due to age etc. The only thing original would be the registration number.


So herein lies the question. How do we secure this vehicle at a reasonable 'historic' price to us and prevent the destruction of a '1st ' to rebuild a ' 2nd ' non original  which would be virtually untouchable as it would be not as described and the publicity surrounding the ( re-build ) would make it worthless as an historic vehicle. Also an unhappy new owner of an alleged historic Classic Range Rover could say it was fraud!

We need to save it - Now!!