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John D
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Hi All

I have found a supplier who is able to provide a clear acrylic tube cut to size to create a replacement scene light 'lens" (i.e. the one that goes up on the extending pole at the rear of the TACR).

The acrylic is meant to be UV resistant and should be good for circa 10 years.

The minimum length of tube, will produce 8 'lenses", so if 7 of you are interested I can get an order made up. I am not looking to make a profit, so will just be looking to cover costs (you will need to pay on top for your preffered postage). There will be a minimum 3-4 day lead in time from the supplier and I will try to dispatch as soon as possible afterwards

I will not have the securing screw/bolt holes drilled as I am not sure how consistent this will be and feel it best for each person to individually do:

Here is the quote I received

Clear Cast Acrylic Tube cut to size:

1)  8 off 250mm od x 238mm id x 115mm £26.50 each


2) 8 off 254mm od x 244mm id x 115mm £21.75 each


3) 8 off 260mm od x 248mm id x 115mm £29.61 each

As explained we can only order 8 of a selected size (no mix and match), just to double check if you are interested please indicate which size best fits yours (1,2 or 3). I am told that number 2 (the 254mm) is the nearest match to mine.

Due to the outlay I would require any funds up front. I could do it through eBay to offer peace of mind to all.

Also I would highlight that this is being offered on a goodwill basis and is a bit of an experiment.

Let me know what you think.



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