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Can any 1 please help does any 1 know what the diffrences are between a MK10c and a d?

I cant spot any!!!



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Mk10d was RAF & Mk10c was Royal Navy. Having never seen a Mk10c i couldn't say what the difference was for sure but i'd say it was similar to the Mk10b. The main difference between a 10b & 10d was a far quicker engine, Clan Lucas Cutting gear and hopers for filling the foam tanks apart from that they were basically the same. 10 Mk10c's were built for the Navy and 9 Mk10d's were built for the RAF.

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low cat 1
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Correct me if i am wrong but was there not a difference in the windscreens as well .

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Looking at the exterior of the vehicle the Mk10B, C & D were exactly the same. Only the Mk10/10A and Mk10E were different.

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rn james
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The mk 10C Fire Crash Truck is a Primary 2 vehicle. They operate in conjuction with TACR2/2A rapid intervention vehicles, within the Fleet Air Arm.

The mk 10/10A was built by gloster-saros for the RAF had the non turbo-charged engine, I think they were pre-mixed like the TACR's aswell, they would also fit inside a C130 aircraft. (Q would Know on the pre-mix part ?)

The mk 10B were built by Carmichael for the RAF they had the uprated Cummis 903vt engine with 2 stage turbo charger, which is why the engine hamper is bigger than a mk10A. They also had split foam and water tanks.

The mk 10C were built by Carmichael for the FAA based on the mk 10B, apart from MK10C's ran with Clan cutting kit as on the MK12. And were fitted with a HIGH PRESSURE HOSE REEL in the off side rear locker for domestic use.

The mk 10D were built by Carmichael for the RAF / DFS, based on the mk 10B, but they were fitted with clan cutting kit as on mk 10C, mk11 and mk12.

The mk 10E is a re-cabbed mk10 done by Simon's, I am not sure if they replaced the one pre-mix tank with 2 tanks

Hope is helps out

Regards James


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The Mk10's had a pre mix tank of AFFF and no hose reel.

 The Mk10a's had 2 tanks one for water and another for FP foam, they also had a hose reel fitted (low Pressure) and a hose locker on the near side.

The mk10b's had the same as per James post but now with a mast light.

The mk10 d's were basically the same but with clan gear and a 2 stage high pressure pump and hosreel.

 The Mk10e was a refurbished Mk10 & Mk10a. They now had a new cab fitted, new multi stage pump with HP Hose reel, new pipe work, 2 tanks fitted 1 for foam and the other water and a slight alteration to the bodywork.

 In my honest opinion the Mk10 wasn't the best waggon and refurbishing them to mk10e standard made an already rubbish vehicle into a real pile of junk!

Regards Q

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rn james
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Out of the 10 mk10c faa had a few are still kicking around

64RN08 Swansea airport (scrape)

64RN11 Pembery airport on the run

64RN12 Pete Edwards

64RN13 Westlands helicopters

Oxford airport have I think 64RN14

Perth airport have the Ex Sheffied city airport mk10c dont know reg

and Mark Wildon has a mk10c

7 & out of 10 not bad at a age of 24/25 years

The other way to check if it is a mk10C is on the data plate, it will state on the plate mk10c and the reg all Royal Navy vehicles have a RN reg as the RAF/DFS are AY or AG on mk10's. Think am right if not Q will say

Regards James



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