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Hello, sorry this in the wrong section but the general one is locked, i have recently purchaced a carmichael and after a bit of thought i really dont know what to do with it, i had intended to buy one with side roller doors and use it as a mobile workshop / welding truck but i could not seem to find one, only the one with the rear roller doors, so eventualy i bought this one, i cant work out if i should leave it as it is or put it back to original? How rare are these , i normaly restore classic tractors for my customers and i try to get the finished job to be as close to original as posible, but i would apreciate your thoughts on this project, Regards Sam
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I also cant find how to upload photos to the forum, i was going to post on the facebook page but have been waiting to be accepted to the group for 2 months, Any help appreciated Regards Sam
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John D
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Hi Sam

I guess it is a matter of personal choice and the current condition/completeness of the vehicle. Naturally us members are going to encourage you to consider maintain original configuration and heads towards originality.

In basic terms:

The  Carmichael with side lockers is known as the Commando, these being in the main based on early two doors Range Rovers are probably the rarest.

Then theres the rear lockered variant TACR2 converted by Carmichael from a two door Range Rover to a 4 door, probably a bit rarer than the next variant.

TACR2a, based on the 4 door Range Rover.

There seems to be an ever increasing trend for destruction of good complete Carmichael 6 x 4 conversions, in to various projects, when there are probably plenty more in poorer condition that would make more appropriate starting points (or it may be easier to just extend a standard chassis). But guess its whats available at the time.

Of those of us who preserve them in their original form, its fair to say that they always create a lot of interest and attention where ever you go.

They are not really very practical for many reasons, so if you were looking for something as a utility vehicle you may be better just starting with an ex services (Electric/Gas company) Defender or the like.

The tank/pump arrangement on the TACR's means some serious work to get it to be something different than a fire appliance and you rarely see it done well. eBay shows you what they go for and it seems by association that those that are modified again don't seem to hold their value.

Good, complete & originally configured vehicles are sought after by preservationists, Land Rover enthusiasts and even though they are really gettin on now, some are still using them for fire safety services.

Hope that helps, we look forward to seeing the pics when you have success with uploading.


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