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low cat 1
Posts: 52
Hi all I have a binding brake caliper on the rear of my 1985 tacr so was going to overhaul all the rear brakes any advice on things to watch out for or the availability of spares are they standard R R parts etc all or any advice welcombe Gary
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Nut behind the wheel
Posts: 104

Yes they're standard Range Rover, spares are readily avaialable, plus sometimes there are really great deals on reconditioned calipers to be had with some hunting around. Late (metric) calipers are same as Dicovery1 and Deffender.

One thing to remember is that Range Rover calipers came in metric thread and imperial thread variants. I can't remember the change over was (the memory is going), plus TACR2's have older specs than their apparent age might suggest. Refer to chassis number, NOT the 'Date Of First Use' on the V5. Hope that helps!

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