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low cat 1
Posts: 52

Hi all anyone had any dealings with pump impellers for TACRs where to source them etc.

any help or ideas very welcome

April 24, 2014 at 4:38 PM Flag Quote & Reply

John D
Posts: 149

I have had the misfortune of having to remove the pump to replace the seal on my TACR2a and was blessed by help from another SAWG member (thanks Simon).

Once out Pete Edwards at 1st Defense at Dunsfold Surrey replaced the seal, he maybe worth speaking to first as often has access to such spares.

From memory the pump in mine is Godiva GVA 2700 ( formerly UFPX 656), worst case Godiva may have an impeller but would guess this pump is fairly common & someone must have a scrapper around? Try other forums (Facebook etc)

I would recommend being very careful on removal especially with regards the bearing plate (and associated settings), marking, taking note and not seeking to disturb. It seems worthwhile to refit a new PTO belt at the time when pump is removed. Setting it back up can be quite a sod though!

To get out, I couldn't see a better way than to cut the related flexi (if you can call it that) pipe work that serves the pump and again re-installation was fun (invented many new swear words). I purchased replacement pipe from Paris Hose & Ducting (John Dennis supplier) prices good and have put there contact details on before.

Hope that helps



April 25, 2014 at 9:39 AM Flag Quote & Reply

low cat 1
Posts: 52

Hi John thanks for your reply this started out as a simple seal replacment for a customer but on dismantling the pump to replace the seal it has become aparent that the impeller is totally shot to bits badly corroded bits missing etc etc. spoke to Hale today and seems they are now not available. We have a good supply of seal kits so no probs there

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